basic element disclaimer to satisfy legal obligations

"and then you will realize adventures are the best way to learn"

Traveling DAB™ has conducted hours of specialized research on recreational cannabis travel in order to provide accurate information but are subject to unforeseen errors in content. We may not be held legally accountable for misconduct taken based on such.


The Traveling DAB™ terms of use are governed by the laws of the United States of America & the laws of the State of Alaska, more specifically in the Municipality of Anchorage.


As the first recreational cannabis travel consultant group in the world, Traveling DAB™ has an attorney on retainer to assure we are always compliant with current laws in place.

Traveling DAB™ strictly provides travel services to adults the age of 21+ only. We will not conduct business with anyone under the legal age of recreational cannabis consumption within the legal American states.

American Sign Language interpreters will be provided upon our travellers request.


* This disclaimer from Traveling DAB™ does not in any way endorse travellers to conduct illegal activities & we are not responsible for the actions taken about by travellers.


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