testimonials from the mouth of our humble cannatravellers

"there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind"

 Traveling DAB™ ultimately provided everything we needed to travel + the very necessary & potent cannabis to keep us lifted through our trip. We cannot wait till our next adventure.

Female, 33


Our cannabis travel experience was so successful that our next travel adventure will be in the hands of our cannafamily, Traveling DAB.

Male, 26


Having never flown anywhere before, I was nervous to cannatravel! What made it all comforting was to know that Traveling DAB took care of everything for us.

Female, 22

Washington DC*

I got to celebrate my birthday surrounded by cool people, amazing weed, the most beautiful scenery & made the best memories ever.

Female, 27


Thank you again to Traveling DAB™ friends. We appreciate you being a part of our life-changing cannatrip.

Female, 21


Our hotel stay was booked & our days were planned to visit places we had only heard of + dreamed to see. The bud we purchased was high-grade, lasting our entire cannatrip!

Female, 36


"look ahead to the future because the best is yet to come"