disclosure on usage of collected information

"the best stories are found in between the pages of a passport"

Traveling DAB collects information from travellers that have filled out contact form submissions on our web page or through the optional completion of our free cannabis travel questionnaire survey.


Cannatravellers that have shared information electronically on the Traveling DAB website are free to correct or change the information originally provided via email.

All data collected by Traveling DABis safely stored & protected on our online servers. This information will not to be disclosed to anyone.

If you or anyone believes the information obtained was mishandled, please contact Traveling DAB™.

While the privacy policy of Traveling DAB may change, the foundation will remain the same while the verbiage will be updated to maintain accuracy.

American Sign Language interpreters will be provided upon our travellers request.

* This disclaimer from Traveling DAB™ does not in any way endorse travellers to conduct illegal activities & we are not responsible for the actions taken about by travellers.


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