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Q: Where does Traveling DAB provide services?

A: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon & Washington​.

Q: How are these services legal?

A: ​Check out the LEGAL tab for laws in depth.

Q: To who to do we provide services?

A: ​Adults 21+ only​.


Q: What is the BREATHER Box?

A: ​A care package of goodies, samples & treats sending travellers on their way sent via mail prior to departure, including our signature Traveling DAB bamboo storage tube.

Q: What does a 420-itinerary consist of?

A: ​​An agenda of your cannatrip journey with a detailed guide: restaurants, cannabis activities & optional tour tickets, accessible on any smart device through the free downloadable Traveling DAB app.

Q: What is an elite package?

A: ​​An all-inclusive with flights, hotel reservations, tour tickets, food vouchers, cannabis activities & optional car rental, plus a 420-itinerary.

Q: How many times can an itinerary be edited?

A: ​​Itineraries or elite package bookings have a maximum of four revisions.

Q: Who is eligible for our BREATHER Box?

A: All of our cannatravellers, packages big or small, are eligible to receive a BREATHER Boxvia mail prior to cannatrip departure.

Q: How are cannatrips priced?

A: The à la carte itineraries are $100 flat-rate to serve as a daily guide that can be followed along on your smart device using the Traveling DAB™ app. Flexible elite packages start at $800+, this includes the price of an itinerary & all reservations + our 30% Cannatravel Consultant worry-free fee.

Q: How does the Traveling DAB app work?

A: Once your cannatrip is confirmed, we will email you a personalized link to download your offline itinerary. You can add it to as many devices as you'd like. It is integrated with Google Maps for accurate location & Yelp for reviews + photos in order to learn more about the restaurants, tours, dispensaries, etc. you will visit. For more information on the app, click here (link coming soon).

Q: How does a Cannatravel Consultant curate the quintessential 420-itinerary?

A: Upon inquiring about embarking on a cannatrip, you will be lead to fill out our FREE travel consultation questionnaire, this survey allows us to better prepare for the journey you don't know yet where to start.

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Q: Is there a Legal Consent Form that needs to be signed prior to departure?

A: You will be sent an electronic Legal Consent Form in regard to all laws pertaining to your cannatrip. This must be on file before any cannatravellers depart.

Q: If I have a question or concern prior to departure, who do you contact?

A: ​​The best way to stay in touch with your Cannatravel Consultant is through the in-app messaging feature of the Traveling DAB™ app.

Q: If a problem occurs during cannatravel, who do you contact?

A: For a prompt response, using the in-app messaging feature, contact your Cannatravel Consultant. You may also call or text: (802) 729-BOOK.

Q: When will cannatravel services in Nevada, California, Massachusetts & Washington DC become available?

A: It is currently foreseen for recreational cannabis laws to be put into effect in mid-2018 for all states that just became legalized.