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Welcome to Traveling DAB, where we guide you to doing activities better. We tailor each trip to meet your needs according to the budget you set. Our promise is to provide you with a hand-crafted itinerary & premiere travel guidance that will lead you to having a one-of-a-kind travel experience.


We've traveled the world & seen a whole lot. Having hit a bump in the road, a time or two, we know just what to avoid & what to enjoy. Plus, we're based in Alaska. Nobody knows adventure like we do, here at Traveling DAB™.

Receive clean-cut education & the customized 420 trip of your dreams, especially hand-crafted by one of our expert Cannatravel Consultants. Remember that travel agents work with book knowledge & consultants like us provide you with travel based on personal life experience.

Your itinerary is accessible on any smart device through the free downloadable Traveling DAB app.

American Sign Language interpreters will be provided upon our travellers request.

"travel is the only thing you buy that can make you richer"

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